Greenhouse(Interior Plants)



Bring the beauty of the outside in. Nothing cheers up a room better than lush houseplants and with our wide selection to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect plants to enhance your living space.

And houseplants are more than just decor. They clean the air of pollutants. They help reduce fatigue and fight colds. Plants at the office even increase employee morale. And best of all they improve your mood and make you happy.

We invite you to stroll through our greenhouses where you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous, inspiring displays of flowering and foliage plants. You’ll find hundreds of varieties to brighten up your home, from small tabletop orchids to dramatics palms for larger spaces. Our knowledgeable staff can help match your needs with the perfect houseplants and answer your questions. You won’t find better advice on the best plants for your home, ideas for gifts and seasonal items.

We also carry many multiple lines of pottery to complement your houseplants. Rustic terra cotta…elegant, glazed ceramic to modern, lightweight resin…we’ve got all the unique styles and colors to fit your decor.  Through every season, our greenhouses are there to help bring the outdoors in.