The Rites of Spring

Spring is all about renewal. Notice anything different around here? If you’ve been to our website before, you know something is up. Even in the stores, we’ve gotten a lot of comments lately from customers asking if we’re under new management. The answer is, well, no. Actually, we’re just about to celebrate Strawberry Blossom’s 30th anniversary this spring. And it’s over 50 years for Ploch’s.

So what is up? New signs, new logos, new staff t-shirts, new delivery vans?! It’s the little things that add up to a very pretty picture. Like any business that’s been around for a long time, we decided it was time to freshen things up. We know after a long winter, you look around your yard and take note of trees that need to be pruned, some fence that needs to be repainted, and last year’s veggie bed that needs to be cleaned up.  And we did the same thing for the stores this year.

Our enthusiasm for this business is at an all time high and we wanted the stores to reflect that. We want you to come in and feel inspired and rediscover your love of gardening every time you walk through our doors. And it’s not just aesthetic changes around here. Just a couple of things to look forward to this spring:

30th anniversary of Strawberry Blossom: we’ll be revealing some amazing promotions to celebrate our anniversary in the next few weeks.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter and join in on some great conversations, exclusive deals, and gardening tips.

You’ll notice we’ve streamlined both stores’ layouts to make it even easier to shop from widened aisles to synergistic product groupings.

In-store and at-home patio furniture and grill consultations: Ask for Michele at Strawberry Blossom to help guide you through the process of choosing the right patio furniture and grill for your home.

Love the idea of redesigning your landscape but don’t want to do the work? We now have Plant Installation services to do the work for you. Talk to our experts Victor [email protected] and Kim [email protected] to get started.

You’ve got the flowers. You’ve got the pots. Now come visit Strawberry’s new potting shed where we can put them together for you.

Even with all these changes, we’re still following the same values we started with so many years ago: quality products and service, honest and friendly advice, and having fun. So enjoy your spring awakening and we hope you check out what’s new around here!

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